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Friday, August 5, 2016

How To Build Good Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a very sketchy subject. It is sometimes use to sell a domain from one person to another. People use domain traffic and search engine rankings to prove domain authority and get a higher price, but unless the new owner runs the website with the same content and ethos as the last person, then that domain’s authority is going to need to be built back from the ground up.
Also, do not forget that if you remove the pages from the domain (the URLs), then you lose any links from its previous incarnation and therefore lose all of their search engine optimization value.

It takes time to build up domain authority

This is the thing that most people have trouble reconciling. They hear stories of how websites have jumped to the top of the Google search results in mere hours, but they are missing the point. If it is that easy to jump to the top of the Google search results, then it is that easy to be knocked off of the top spot too. No matter what you do in order to get to the top, there will soon be someone else who does it better and removes you from the top spot.

Your best bet is to build up your domain authority over time. Time is a big factor for Google, because they believe that older domains are better domains. If a domain has existed for a long time, and has been cared for through the duration of its life, then Google assumes that it is a good site and ranks it higher. They do this because if a site were useless, then why would someone spend years taking care of it.

Routine updates are more important than overly frequents updates

Getting a routine is more important than the frequency when it comes to website updates. You do not have to upload content on a very frequent basis, nor do you have to keep updating and changing your website frequently.
All you need to do is update on a regular basis. So, you should decide to update once per week or per month (etc), and then keep to that routine. Soon the search engines will know when to expect your next update and will start running re-crawls at around that time.

how to build domain authority

An update to your site means some sort of content change

People now assume that an update to a site means adding new material or new content to the website, but this is not the case. This notion may have come from the blogging world, as when someone adds a new blog post, they often say that they have updated their blog.
An update can just be a few changes to the text to make sure that it is still up to date with what is happening today.

Links from other authority sites help

It is not a certainty that links from other authority site will help your website in any way. But, there is more chance of them helping you to become an authority site than any number of small and unknown websites.

Readable, usable and relevant content is high quality content

If you are looking to build your domain authority, then you need to start acting in a manner that fits an authority site. This means that you content must be useful first and foremost. You will find that any other elements of becoming an authority will fall within the realms of being useful.
For example, being relevant and readable is all part of being useful. Figure out your website’s use, and then make your website the best at providing that use (and you will soon be an authority).

Build it around one specific use

This is an unfair tip because it is not always true. For example, the websites that have currency conversion tools are often just based around currency conversion, and yet the Experian tool is on a site that is loaded with money matters. But, in some respects, providing help for money matters is the use of Experian.
The same is true for Amazon. Its use used to be that it was a good place to buy books. But now it is a place to buy things easily online. So perhaps the moral of the story is to at least start by building your website around one specific use and then expand if you have any success.

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