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Friday, August 5, 2016

Learn Ten Great Qualities From “Think And Grow Rich” Book

Since last few days, I was busy in reading one of the best selling book “Think And Grow Rich.” This Book was published back in 1937 which was written by Napoleon Hill.The Book name is itself sufficient to say all about.It is a fruitful gift from 25 years of hard work from the author. Every chapter of this book contains positive mental attitude, burning desire, the money-making secret which is written by studying 500 wealthy people in the world whom Author have carefully analyzed over a long period of years.Think and grow rich pdf is contain few names on successful people list are H.Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas A.Edison, Graham Bell.These names show the well-known Americans whose achieve Big success.This book contains 13 Chapter named 13 steps of riches.Since it was published in 1937, after that it made the best selling record in American History and called the mother of all motivational books.
Think and grow rich original cover Learn Ten Great Qualities From Think And Grow Rich Book
Here I am going to explain ten lessons which this book taught me, How I Used it for personality development, It can be considered as think and grow rich summary

think and grow rich review

♣Thoughts Became Reality

“Thoughts Are things.”
Its true that what we think about our self, We became.When we think about particular aim or continuously in the process of thinking, It is conceived by our mind and mind force us to do action according to that.It is true.Why a child who born in a business class family and became very successful and a child which born in poor family remain poor until he does not start thinking high.
“I am the master of my fate; I am the caption of my soul.”
We have the power to control our thoughts.Our thoughts became our physical reality soon.Soon we have to be very careful about our thoughts and choose only positive ones.

♣A Burning Desire Is Must For Became Successful

Andrew Carnegie, Who began as a common minimum wage worker in the steel mills, He managed to apply all the principal who described in the book and yield a 100 Million dollars, in current time, it is more the 70 billion.In any field, If we want to succeed, we must have a burning desire for getting success. Hanry Ford is of the biggest example also who started with poverty and uneducated, Invented First V shape Engine and Became the wealthiest man in American History.

♣ University Education Is Not A Guaranty For Became Wealthy

Yeah, You read it correctly.In the present t time, there are lots of graduates are passing, But it is not a factor to acquire wealth.According to Napoleon Hill, He talked with more than 25000 people and 98% of them are not successful in their field.Lets take an example of Some Drop out these time, i.e., Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson. These Are few Live people who are dropped out and the Now the owner of billions dollars company.For getting success we have to do certain things that are Dreaming, Wishing , Hope , Desire and planning.

♣ Positive Surrounding

In the book, there is a term called Mater Mind group, It mean surround yourself with positive people. We have to make some good and awesome friends circle, In which few but successful people should be with whom we can share out thoughts, planning, mistakes.Only a Single person can not gain massive wealth until he has team of qualified people.Nor a person can think all the direction.

♣ Subconscious Mind Power

“Subconscious Mind Work Day and Night”
The subconscious mind is part of our brain who determine 95% activities in daily life.What we do is the reflection of our this part of the brain.It can not be idle.If you do not deliver good thoughts to our subconscious mind, it will grab negative thoughts like a garden where flowers and weed both grow.We should know how the mind works, So We can change our subconscious mind performance by repeating the process.If someone ignore this power, it will be dangerous.

♣ Specialized Knowledge

In present days, Everybody has knowledge about their surrounding,about culture and other lots of things,that is called general knowledge which is not making any effect on getting wealth, For achieving huge wealth,we have to be skilled in our field.That specialized knowledge can not come from university but comes from real life experience.Knowledge will not attract money unless is is not directed with planning,This book teach us How to use knowledge after gaining it for success

♣Decision And Persistence

We have to be clear about our goal and make decision slowly.A successful person planning goal slowly and left them slowly as well, But failure often changed their decision quickly.Persistence plays a vital role in getting wealth.When we plan, do work in the proper way and put our energy in positive, it is not sure that result will come fast, success comes after persistence.So we have to keep patient.There is no substitute for it.

♣ Learn From Your Failures

The Most important thing I learned in this book that we have to keep learning and apply this knowledge to our field.Imagination is one of the basic points for getting success.If we fail in something and again stand up, It will surely keep increasing our confidence and faith which directly give benefit to our success.
“Failure is a step towards the success.”

♣ Auto Suggestion

Simply I can explain what is Auto Suggestion that is a term that contains all the suggestion and self-motivational quote which reach in our mind by senses.We can control the things which are going to our subconscious mind by practice but normally we do not.It help us for personality development tips, Like we always heard about poverty, failures, and slowly they reached our mind and our actions are influenced by these thoughts.So We can use some Auto suggestions for it by repetition of positive statements.

♣ Believe That You Are Successful

You have faith in yourself and believe that you are successful,wealthy person.If we start to believe that we are successful,than slowly slowly our subconscious mind will work on it and do action according to it.Believe is term which must have follow by every one if we want success.A lot of people says that believe comes when we achieve something like we believe that we have some dollars after when we have actually these, But This book says that you have to believe first and than things will surely comes to you.

“Believe and you will receive it soon.”

There are 13 principles in these books for getting huge money and became successful.It will give the answer of how to become a millionaire, Lot of people changed their life after reading it.If you want to read it go though this link Think and Grow Rich .I hope you will also read it three times because this book itself saying that every time you will read it,it will give you deep message for getting wealth.If you like this post please do share and comment below.I will be happy to see your comments.Thanks.

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