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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

OptInMonster Alternatives – WordPress ExitIntent Popup Plugin

OptInMonster Alternative – WordPress Exit Intent Popup Plugins

OptinMonster a WordPress plugin pretty famous for converting the exiting customer to a returning customer which increases the email subscription list/readers to your blog. Not going into deep about this wonderful product, let us know something about
  • What are Exit intent popups ?
  • How it Works ?
  • What strategies we can use to get the list/leads grow .

What are Exit Intent Popups (Eg: Optinmonster) ?

Generally every website or blog uses a welcome popup or a slide up popup to promote your website through email subscription form or via Social networking pages subscription to increase the leads or readers to your website.
But most of the visitors never like or subscribe , unless your content or website means worth of subscribing.
When a visitor comes to your website searching a keyword on a Search Engine , then spends some time and if they leave without subscribing , you may loose a good reader to your website as we can’t guarantee the rankings in the search engine for the same keyword .
To make such leaving visitors as your leads or readers, you can offer something which interests him/her just like an ebook of free SEO tools if your niche is SEO when he tries to exit your website through a pop up.
Exit Intent popups are developed to increase website/blog traffic and Boost up lead/Subscribers generation by offering a user something which then motivates him to remain on the website longer .

How Exit Intent Pop up (Optinmonster) works ?

This technology uses the mouse movement and speed of the visitor of your blog. At the time when the visitor tries to close your website, you can offer them any thing , for Eg : if you website is based on a Software that you own, you can make a trial offer or a discount coupon to attract the customer.
Generally probloggers offer them an eBook which was wrote on their experience on the specified targeted page content.
It was said by many bloggers, that these kind of plugins or technology boost your traffic by 600% , more traffic, more leads , more money. : )

What strategies we can use to get the list/leads grow ?

  • Create popups that are relevant to a site visitor’s viewing behavior or niche of that page.
  • Always Keep it simple. Never scare a visitor with more than one popup , it may considered as spam tactics .
  • Use the Location based marketing strategy , if you multi location products or prices.
  • No repetitive pop ups even for the old visitor. (It irritates your visitors even after subscribing , it as to subscribe again ) Check if there any option given with that plugin
  • Showcase Clear Benefits.
The Best in this field is Optinmonster, Let us see Some Demo about how it works below.

At present Optinmonster have a good response and review in this kind of technology. If you want the alternatives for the Optinmonster see below list.

List of OptInMonster Alternatives

They are many other plugins and products which offer ExitIntent Popup technology , compare, analyse and get one of the best. Its up to you. Any product Missed and you think it should be in the list ? Please mention in the comments.
Get More Subscribers, Built a profitable email marketing strategy and get positive response from your readers make more profits.

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