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Friday, August 5, 2016

Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses

Why Is Online Video Marketing So Important?

Consumers today use the Internet for nearly 90% of their information when they are looking to buy. They search online for information about every imaginable product or service because it is easier, more comprehensive and instant.
The secret of marketing online is to put your business in the way of the greatest number of buyers. Video is the perfect medium that allows you to place yourself in front of the largest audience in History In November, there were more searches for video than searches on Google. (Source: Newsvend)
Imagine you are listening to music. A single instrument sounds good, doesn’t it?
But if you compare it to the sound of a whole band or orchestra, it is almost impossible to get anything near the same emotional impact.
It’s the same with video. You can just add it to your website and get good results. But if you want geometric impact, it is essential to join all the important dots by applying it to:
Social networks,YouTube and video sharing sites, blogs, emailers, newsletters etc. etc.
The power of having an overall strategy is that you create a synergy that builds real power and impact to create dramatic results for Search Engine linking, viral marketing, brand building   and creating communication and rapport that nothing else can match. It is vital to put together tactics and strategies that work together.
For your company to grow to it’s full potential, you need to know how to be FOUND on the search engines, primarily Google. Companies pay vast sums for sponsored links and for experts that work constantly to get their text onto the first page. A Forrester Research document has proven that video is 53 times easier to get onto the first page of Google and the other search engines than text.
Think what that means!
If you choose your Search Engine keywords and phrases, and create video that focuses on them,  adding  transcripts that can be syndicated all over the web, you start to create an enormous number of links. The Search Engines love video and rate relevance to the search term as their number one criteria for the first page. You will shoot up the search engines exponentially faster than the traditional methods of optimisation at a fraction of the cost.
So, the question is:- Do you want your business to have the impact of a single instrument? OR stop people dead in their tracks by the use of harmonious use of all the component parts that deliver value.

Video marketing strategies

Does Video Give You The Fastest Return On Investment?

Online Video reaches the parts that alternative marketing tools cannot begin to match, and it is becoming ever more vital as new technologies enter the marketplace.
In a recent survey, an amazing 16% of those viewing a video advertisement online made a consequent purchase.
So, to put that in context, if your internet website is responsible for generating just £10,000 ($15,000) per month, it is costing you £1600($2400) in lost sales every month to not have video on your home page.
My Web Presenters have had cases of using video to demonstrate and dramatise products,like food processors , that have increased sales by over 300%. The power of interactive presenters to upsell or cross sell at the point of sale is vastly underrated, Oh, and by the way, that video cost under £1000($1500) to make and runs 24/7, 7 days a week, for as long as it obtains results, at no extra cost. It is the only marketing product Guaranteed to increase your returns if you craft it properly.
Think of video as an ongoing journey that is tailor made to drive traffic, and increase conversions.Follow the rules and you will get results you never thought possible.
The world has changed, people watch DVD’s or television, play with interactive game consoles, watch YouTube, and talk via webcams.
If you are using static, passive pictures on your website, your business is perceived as being dated. Interactive video reflects peoples’ expectations for modern communication.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and moving pictures are priceless.
Video is the most powerful way to grab the attention of the majority of web visitors who will not stay to read standard text or graphics. The web has exploded with interactivity through video,in the same way that one year after “talkies” appeared, the public has moved away from silent movies forever.
Video works on so many levels. It can communicate your brand using animation, appealing images, special effects or E-learning.Unlike TV advertising, online video gives you instant feedback on how your prospects are interacting with your advertisements. How useful is it to be able to know how long prospects watched, what web page they went to, or whether they passed the video to a friend who is interested?
Apart from the wealth of extra information, Professional Video Marketing is far less expensive than TV advertising and you can reach a highly defined, target audience. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a haulier in Blackpool or a worldwide audience, video will take you to them.
The Good News for non Techies-
Video Technology is now so advanced ,that video can be streamed automatically, and you do not have to do anything more than be able to copy and paste a few lines of code. Everything can be done for you through video overlay technology, which simply means a remote server lays it over your webpage instantly. My Web Presenters, who pioneered this technology in the UK, can do everything that is needed remotely, from setting the frequency of play, to subtitles to providing interactive graphics.
You just have the tough job of choosing the video spokesperson or model from a gallery and agree the final storyboard or script from the creative team.

The Power of Social Media & Video

Whatever your business, you should have social media as part of your marketing and place video regularly on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, so that you can build a following who are interested in your own unique “take” on the world.
The key to remember is that you have to connect the audience to the value you offer: it is not just about pushing your product through a social network who would resent manipulative sales.
Can you add value through free information, solving problems or joining them actively in clubs or communities? When you build trust, people within social networks will connect to your brand, and stay with you when a competitor tries to take your space. We will only buy from people we trust.
Be you!
We live in a world where we are assaulted by advertising messages and we need to filter out most of it, or we would literally go mad!
What attracts our attention , is when we see authenticity and integrity linked to something that is outstanding. If someone pushes – our natural reaction is to push back.
You cannot sell anything until you have won someone’s trust. Don’t bother to push, because it won’t work with video or anything else for the majority of people.
We are all more savvy than ever about being “sold” to. Video can show our unique take on life and how passionate, knowledgeable and authentic we are. Conversely, it will show up the “pushers”. (Nearest barge pole please!)  Professional help with this can multiply your results tenfold. Bad video that misses the target will cost you money, not generate it.
If you are lucky, some of your followers will become raving fans, who will support you in your future campaigns. Social sites are not a route to fast riches. They are part of a long term strategy that underpins your reputation and support out in the marketplace. Creating this sort of ground base is impossible through traditional media.
Top Tip – If you are considering using Pay per Click advertising, The costs of reaching a specifically targeted audience through Youtube are currently about 20% the cost of Google sponsored adwords.

How To Create Excitement With Your Video?

Online video advertising is very different to television advertising. The unique benefit of online video is that it can be interactive with the user.
The viewer can initiate action by clicking on an image or following a pathway of linked videos.
Imagine how powerful that is for having a user friendly way of helping people to fill out forms, or guiding them around your website to the key messages.
Sizzle or Sausage?
When you are planning the strategy for your videos on a website, separate them mentally into sizzle or sausage.
By sizzle, I mean video that has the sole intention of grabbing the visitor’s interest as soon as they arrive at the site with compelling reasons to stay and investigate further.
Normally, our tests at My Web Presenters show that after 30 seconds, web visitors start to drift away. This is a major victory, when you consider the average visitor without video stays about 6 seconds!
If a video starts automatically, give them your Unique Selling Points immediately. Within about 30 seconds, make your  call to action asking for whatever it is that you want them to do.
By Sausage, I mean video that  offers deeper content for the viewer. This cannot be done in 30 seconds and is more likely to take 2 minutes or more. This is usually delivered best by a “box” video. (Youtube style)  Most video makers do not understand the importance of this and are cutting the response levels dramatically by not getting inside the head of their audience in the right way.
Important Tip- If you are using video of longer than 45 seconds length- obtain visitor permission by clearly stating the length of time it will take to play. If you do not manage their expectations, they will simply click away.
“Mouse here for a 90 second explanation ……”
“Click here to find out all you ever need to know about ….. in 5 minutes.”
When the web visitor clicks play, they have already agreed to invest their time before they watch and will probably continue watching till the end of your message.
The Magic  Video Combo……
On your website, have a web presenter appear immediately to offer the sizzle. The presenter starts with the most compelling benefit from the clients point of view.
At the end of the 30 second  attention grab, the presenter asks the viewer to click on the play button to watch the longer detailed video, which provides all the information to buy.
Use this combination of sizzle and sausage  will rocket the sales from your web page.

Target An Audience Of One To Reach Millions…

Think of any great broadcaster, and it is as if they are speaking directly to you, isn’t it? They may actually be talking to millions at the same time, but in their approach, all they are concentrating on is the one person they imagine sitting at home who is their typical viewer.
We cannot communicate effectively to a million people unless we talk to them as if they are individuals. So, when we make video, we need to literally put together our absolutely typical audience member. Once we know who we are talking to. It becomes easy to know what motivates, scares, compels and interests.
So to get to that typical viewer in your mind, go through the following checklist.
1. What age, lifestyle, gender or location are you  aiming at?
2. Does your target audience surf the internet at a particular time of day?
3. Look at where your advert  is placed, to check there is no mismatch or incongruence with neighbouring content.
4. Keep in touch with visitors who have clicked on your ads. previously or who have visited your webpage in the past. Your contact list is your lifeblood. If you don’t make them feel special, one of your competitors will.


Video is 53 times more likely to reach the first page of search engines than text (Forrester Research). Make sure you tag you videos with your keywords and phrases, title them and add a description alongside. It is very easy now to upload video onto video sharing sites. Take the time to do this regularly, so that over a period of time you have depth to your offer and to your appeal to the search engines.
It will probably not move you to the first page of Google immediately, but within 6-8 weeks you will see dramatic results if you do it properly.
If you want to become a “thought leader” in your sector, why not create your own branded YouTube channel? This is like having your own TV news station where followers can go to get advice .learn and most importantly, recommend to friends. Before a sale, there must always be trust. This is built through others recognising expertise and integrity, which is exactly what this does for you.
Taking action on these very inexpensive, easy to apply tips  can revolutionise your standing as a Key Person or Business of influence in your sector

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