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Friday, August 5, 2016

Virtual Private Servers Hosting

Virtual Private Server : We live in the modern era. Everything travels fast, especially information. And to keep up with the pace, it is vital for every citizen of the civilized world, to ensure that his idea or business product is available to as many people as possible. An excellent way of doing that is to create a website. Of course, not every website becomes successful, however, when that happens, the website owner must look for a way to improve the site’s productivity and ability to maintain a larger number of visitors/users. The way of doing that is switching from standard shared hosting to a virtual server.

VPS Hosting Offers

VPS hosting

To better understand what the VPS hosting service is, let’s first have a look at what the standard shared web hosting is all about.

Shared web hosting

The shared web hosting service is a form of web hosting, where multiple clients share the features and the capabilities of one server. Each account, created on that server, can use a certain amount of disk space, bandwidth, processor time, etc.. The accounts are independent of each other, however, since they all share the same operating system, they cannot be limited to only using the allowed hosting features. Therefore, when one account exceeds, for instance, its CPU usage, then it will get suspended by the hosting company. Such actions are necessary, to prevent one account harming the others, which share the same server by taking too much of their processor time. In most cases, this is not a problem, since most of the websites throughout the web are quite mediocre and do not require a lot of hosting features. However, for those who are quite popular, or on their way to becoming famous, such suspensions could be quite devastating. Therefore, a service is needed, where such problems can avoid and one such service, is the virtual private hosting.

Virtual server

Virtual Private Server, virtual server, or simply VPS, is a more advanced form of hosting, which allows the user to have complete control over the configuration of his web hosting service. It’s quite a complicated system, therefore, going into details about how it is created will be quite time-taking, but then again, this is not the topic. In a nut-shell, the VPS is much like a dedicated server. However, it is a virtual machine, instead of a physical one. It pretty much offers the same capabilities of a dedicated hosting and the only main difference is that virtual servers have lower amounts of hosting features, such as less disk space and bandwidth. However, their price compensates for that since they are much cheaper than their physical analogs. There are usually multiple VPS accounts within the same server, however, unlike shared hosting accounts each VPS has its operating system, which makes it completely independent from its peers. In other words, the VPS cannot exceed its CPU limitation, for instance. Therefore, the hosting company will have no need to suspend the account for overloading the web server itself. This will significantly reduce the average percentage of downtime for the website in question.

Benefits of the virtual private hosting

Aside the reduced risk of account suspension, VPS accounts come with a lot of features which are absent in shared hosting packages. Each of those features contributes to the high flexibility and service diversity that the VPS hosting offers. Let’s look at more details at some of the most important hosting attributes of the virtual private server:

Root access

As mentioned, each VPS has its operating system. That allows for the VPS user to make alterations to the OS without interfering with the configuration of the actual web server. By having root access to the server configuration files, the user may take advantage of certain settings and software, which are usually unavailable on shared hosting accounts. That allows for better website flexibility and performance if, of course, done properly.


Since VPS accounts cannot interfere with each other, this also means that there isn’t a risk for your account to be down, because some other VPS user has overloaded the web server. Also, each VPS has its dedicated IP address, therefore, if someone on the same server gets blacklisted for spam or some other malicious activity, your service will continue to be operational since the IP address will be different. Also, the dedicated IP helps for getting better ratings in search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

Additional functionality

One of the greatest things about having a VPS is that you can resell its space to end customers and generate extra profit by doing so. For instance, if you only have one website on that VPS, and you are not using all the features that you’re paying for, then you can easily create separate shared hosting accounts within your VPS and rent them to other users. To do that, you will need a web hosting control panel that will allow you to create shared hosting accounts. One such control panel is the cPanel, which is offered with almost every VPS package. Of course, there are other control panels which may serve that purpose, such as DirectAdmin. Using these panels, you can easily create and manage different shared hosting accounts, which you can then sell to other people and generate additional income by doing so. Note that VPS accounts usually come without a control panel by default, therefore, you will have to select the control panel option while ordering the service itself. Some companies, such as for instance, offer multiple control panel solutions, therefore, make sure that you select the one that suits you best, since re-installing the control panel once the server is active is not always an option.

In conclusion

The VPS web hosting service is an excellent way to securing a safe and reliable environment for your website. That, combined with all the other possibilities that the VPS service offers, makes the virtual private hosting service one of the most diverse and flexible web hosting service available on the market today.

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