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Friday, April 28, 2017

Entrepreneur Startup Ideas

Startups of the future: in what projects do investors believe in?

Social media, e-commerce, 3D printing, iPhone or Android applications are the branches for investment in which put the rich investors. However, there are less promoted methods of investing and they attract more and more money from all over the world. These include crypto currency and object storage, as well as space projects.

In the last three years, real quick has grown interest of investors to the Bitcoin currency.  Investments that invested in such projects are yielded a profit of up to 150%, that is a huge index-number. However investments of private persons in this sector are not as large as in others branches. Tourism, storage of items, photo sharing, banking and  remote-piloted vehicles are also show excellent profit and enjoy high rate of popularity among investors. But there are sectors that are rapidly losing attractiveness in the eyes of investors. Startups of dating sites and Internet mails have received by 9% and 22%, respectively less investment than in the last year. Coupon sites have suffered from losing of relevance by 48% in this year. However, the  Groupon site firmly has taken the leading place in the business and such a calamity has bypassed.

Mysterious Bitcoin

Mathematical algorithm has no physical realization - that is crypto currency.  The potential of such phenomenon causes keen interest of investors and makes revolution on exchange market. Bitcoin provides an alternative to gold or other expensive raw materials. Apart from investing directly within crypto currency, many investors pay attention to the companies which provide storage and circulation of Bitcoins. 
Average annual growth of investments per 2012-2015 is 151%.

The success of services for photos

Mad aspiration to tell the whole world about yourself and your life, is a challenge for many people. So the idea with a global exchange, for example, selfie photos, flew around the whole planet. Instagram is the most successful startup of this kind. The growth of this service exceeds the development of the popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. 

Many experts argue that the popular Instagram is worth about 35 billion dollars to date.  Following this widely promoted brand there are services of Tumblr and Flickr. And photo storage provides Photobucket platform or similar to it. Interest to the companies of such kind grows constantly, as profit from them.
Average annual growth of investment for 2012-2015 about 150%.

The importance of safe storage of things 

People store not only a photos, documents and personal data. Physical things which have no place to store, but you can not throw away - it is a problem. The decision is popular startups that offer to store your belongings in special areas. Services of such company include the export of things, their warehousing and cataloguing for the subsequent search of the necessary things.
These companies are particularly popular among employers that reduce production and forced to move to the office/undersize warehouse.
Start-up of the sector MakeSpace already received sympathy from investors in the amount of $ 10 million on its development. 
The average annual growth of investment in storage during the 2012-2015 timeframe is 144%.

Attracting space

Space-flights became realistic thanks  to the private companies. Today wealthy people can realize their dreams and do not wait for a specific program from NASA. Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson claimed that space tourism is the near and a brilliant future. His company has sold hundreds of tickets for space travel, but it’s far from clear when it is possible to present them. 
The company SpaceX and their president Elon Musk  does not concede to its competitor in the creative approach and effort for privatization of space. All investors who dabble at these star wars are earning huge amounts of money in these races of modern times.
Growth of investment in space-flights promptly grows and makes 141%.

Investments in transport

It would seem that such a sphere as transport has already outdated. But useful and relevant startup BlaBlaCar has dispelled this misconception. Service allows to carry out extensive trips, paying only a part of cost of gasoline and percent for service usage. Real-life communication of people from all corners of the world is a pleasant bonus.

The price of travel is significantly below than the same trip by taxi, and selection variants of car and driver is great number. Startup quickly gained popularity and became very attractive for wealthy investors. Offices all over the world allow to the service are provide  high quality services and ensure the efficiency of all trips. In addition to the BlaBlaCar, in this field presented other startups such as parcel delivery, operational reports, a new kind of transportation, etc.

The average growth of investment for 2012-2015 about 133%.

Investment in Electronics

Substantial part of the modern technological civilization is electronics. Application field of electronics are very close to all of us, we use its achievements every day such as products of household appliances and electronics cosy up our houses, electronics are controls movement of trains and planes, operates by intelligent production machines, passes information over all distances, including outer cosmic space that makes electronics attractive to business investment  in any countries. Despite of economic difficulties, remains the tendency stably to invest money in a fixed capital of electronics and computer science, will start a new hi-tech projects. To date,  profitably investing in sponsorship for the implementation of a breakthrough in this intellectual industry that is the development of digital television, large-format communications, radio-frequency identification, etc.

Semiconductor electronics explores electro-processes in semiconductors for the transmission and transformation of various information, on this are based automatics and computing technics, control systems, modern communications, physics, astronomy and even medicine, that allows to invest money and make one's contribution to the development of this industry.

The third generation of electronics development are integrated circuits that reduce power consumption, weight and overall dimensions of the device and increase its reliability. Transition to microelectronics became breakthrough in manufacture of new types of devices and creation of electronic industry, like the branches making discrete semiconductor devices and integrated microcircuits.

One of the main directions of quantum electronics is the development of lasers. This direction allows to invest money in development and manufacture of devices which find an application in biology and medicine.

"Investment Exchange of Projects" are offers for consideration business projects and simplifies finding investor for opportunity to be seriously introduce to the market of electronic novelties.
According to expert opinion, the prospect of profitable investment, is still preserved in a section of special electronics, which operates in the field of weapons systems and nuclear industry, but also in professional electronics - the equipment for telecommunications, automotive industry, power industry, medicine, security systems and information processing. 

In today's world the production of all kinds of electronic components remains a highly profitable sector of the economy, so it is advantageous to pour investments in your country and abroad, in production of modern chips and microchips.

Game Investments as a promising way of earning

From year to year increasingly personal computer users and smartphones joining into the world of game applications. Everyone wants to test your cool device and its capabilities in modern games. Investments into the game business become more popular day after day. Entertainment segment develops rapidly and this attracts investors.  Many programmers who considered  game development their hobby and now completely cash on new applications. Qualitative development and the minimal investments are capable to enrich all team members and investors.

Market growth of computer and mobile games

Most users are not willing to pay a big money even for exciting game product. Much easier and cheaper to download a pirated copy. However, in all countries actively combating scammers and legitimate  turnover of game industry amounts to more than 150 million dollars per year. These figures make the game business so attractive for investors. To date, investment into games is one of the most profitable and promising.  Every day go out thousands of new applications for smartphones and tablets. Developers are combined to create an explosive products that will bring millions of dollars in revenue.

Distribution of profits when investing in application

One of the main issues when investing into online games is the problem of the division of income from sales. Optimal decision for the amount of profit depends on such values:
- The amount of down payment;
- Self-repayment of idea; 
- An agreement in the early stages of development.

Precise figures of the income, percents  from realization  or other suitable for all options can be registered in the contract of the investor and the developer. The more difficult development of game and it corresponds to market, the more you need investment. Protection of rights the authors and full development of high-quality online product can cost 400-500 thousand dollars. Profitability of application is calculated depending on the popularity of the topic and the demand of users.

Basics of investing in game applications

First off you need to determine the amount to be invested.  Next initiate a search of the developer. Most programmers are not ready to trust their ideas to the novice publishers.  However, on the Internet you can find companies that allow you to go halves and become a partner in the development phase of a new project. During the conclusion of contract, special attention should be paid to the clauses on revenue share between the investor and developer. The most convenient and simple version of investments into games is the partnership with the familiar developer.  In this case, between all team members will be trust and understanding, and solid investment will not settle in the pocket of swindlers. Game industry updated with new products with super-high velocity and its volume increases by 30% per year. The variety of themes and genres will allow each investor to find favorite product for an increase its profits. 

How to earn on online-games

The most popular method of earning on games is to input energy, time and abilities to your character. If your hero is pumped enough, then you can easily sell your account to another user. Fanboys of video games  are willing to pay thousands of dollars for such services. This way of earning is especially important for people who spend long hours at the computer, playing in different applications and earning there points and bonuses.

When choosing of game and an account for sale it is necessary to pay attention to such factors:

  • Multiuser application. Game wherein can be played a lot of real people is attractive to many fans. Intense interest causes dialogue with players and truthfulness of the virtual world. pass the time of day in this application will be informative and fun. 
  • Genre of online games. According to statistics the most popular form of earnings are RPG  game genre. The main purpose of such applications is improving skills and abilities, power leveling attributes and characteristics.
  • The average age of the target audience of the game. If you want to quickly and profitably sell game account, then you need to rely on the ability of customers to buy it from you. basic mass of financially reliable and active users are players from 17 to 30 years.

Summed up to all aforesaid, it can be said with confidence that the entertainment on the Internet can bring not only pleasure but profit to investors. Exciting games will not only help to spend leisure time, but also earn money for further investment.

Food Services

Food services includes manufactures  and realization of culinary production, arrangements for feeding to different groups of the population. The public catering is varied and profitable area where you can direct investments.

There are a lot of food service companies, where it is possible to invest money such as restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, pubs, delly, different kinds of fast food and more. Of course to open a well-assorted restaurant of made-to-order dishes and house specialties, higher level of service and leisure of visitors, it is necessary to invest money in sufficient quantities. To date, the most likely business investment in any country it is an opening of network and restaurants working in franchising, which develop their networks and fixed on the market. Good opportunity for motivation to return to the restaurant will become additional services such as master classes, children's room, bicycle parking.

"Investment Exchange of Projects" will provide you finding investors and acquaint with interesting projects on development a stable restaurant business which increasing their profitability, even in the times of crisis.  Advice of the known American manager: В«Be engaged in restaurant business as though badly there were your business, people must to eatВ» it will support in the decision to invest favourably in area of a public catering.

Fast-food companies that is placed in public places do not require large investments, but its owners earn a regular income. Here is a partial list of public catering establishments, including fast-foods, where you can profitably to invest money: kebab house, kofemat, a coffee shop on the wheels, and popular today Kono pizza, popcorn, corn on the cob, juice bar, timeclub, literary, children's and ice-cream parlour, dining room and delivery menu to students or to offices, chebureks-house, hookah bar, sales of hot dogs,brew-house, pizza restaurant and a sushi bar with delivery, cakes to order, bakery, production of pasta and others. 

Today long-term investment idea in any country can become a street food with a little payback period, providing quality food at an affordable price.
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