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Monday, April 10, 2017

Network Marketing Business Model and Strategies

What is the Network Marketing Business Model ?

Network marketing is called by many names – MLM, Multilevel Marketing, Interactive Distribution to name a few.

It is one of the best business model – Network Marketing Business Model. There is nothing illegal about the model. It is merely a way of distribution of products and services. People who still think that Network Marketing is a SCAM, Quick Get Rich scheme, Pyramid System are ignorant of the truth of the business model.

The Network Marketing business model comprised of these components:

1. Franchising

The Network marketing and MLM business is actually a franchise model. It allows distributors to market the company’s product and build a global business with just a small investment.

As compared to most conventional franchise the MLM franchise probably cost less than $100.00. There is no set up cost and large operating expenses.

What is unique is that you are like a “Master Franchise” because you are able to give the franchise to others to build your network.

2. Exponential Growth

This is the power of compounding. Albert Einstein refer to this power of exponential growth as the Eighth Wonder Of The World.

Imagine that from one person, the network can grow to thousand and hundred of thousands. The size of the network depends on individuals. Those who are committed to the business and build themselves as leaders can have a size-able network.

People like to network. Look as Facebook. Over a short period of time they have about 1 billion members. The sad thing is that the members of Facebook do not receive any income for their networking. But with the MLM and Network Marketing Model you are being paid to build your network.

3. The Power of the Internet

Bill Gate once quoted that ‘In the next few years there will remain two types of businesses. Those on the NET and those no longer in business.

The traditional ways of generating leads and prospects are still relevant today. However, the Internet is a powerful tool that can expose your MLM and Network marketing business all over the world. You can reach prospects whom you do not know in every parts of the world. This make the Multi Level marketing business a global and seamless business.

Using the Internet to generate leads is a ‘rejection free’ process. This is good news to many who fear rejection.

The Network Marketing business model is a unique model indeed. If a person truly understands the scope and potential of the business model, there should be no reason for rejection.

Network Marketing

What are the Network Marketing Business Success Strategies?

The Network marketing or Multilevel marketing business is just like any business out there in the market. It is a business. As such there are strategies that a person must adopt in order to achieve success.

Here are some of the Network Marketing Success Strategies that can be followed.

A Business Of Your Own

From the first moment when you start your MLM business, you need to treat it as a business. It is not a hobby although the amount of investment is minimal. You need to treat it like a multi-million dollar business.

This is your own business and you are not working for the company or your upline. As such you are responsible for your own success. Although your upline leaders will assist you in the beginning.

Set Your Goal

You need to set your goal. This should be short term, mid-term and long term. However, the most important goal is the daily goal. These are the small goals that will bring you nearer to your long term goal.

Write down your long term goal and read it daily. When you read your goal believe that you will receive it. You can visualize achieving your goal and with feeling and emotion.

Action Plan

Write out your action plan of what you need to do to achieve your goal. You should also have your monthly, weekly and daily  goal planned out.

Plan your work, and work your plan. Yes, you need to take action to reach your goal. You need to invest most of your time on the productive activities like prospecting, showing the plan and following up with prospects.

Remember that you have to choose to work with those who wish to succeed. Do not waste your time working with tyre kickers and people with bad attitude.


Success is a ‘Total Package’. The package consist of ‘success’ and all the ‘challenges and obstacles’ that comes with it. You cannot separate one from the other. You have to accept both.

Challenges and obstacles are a part of living. You need to be persistent and keep on going. Quitting should not be an option!


You need to keep on growing. Never stop learning. Soak yourself with self improvement and leadership materials such as eBooks, Videos, and Webinars.


Network marketing and Multi Level Marketing is a business of leadership. You will change pins when you improve your leadership.

Initially be a good follower and follow your leaders. Then you have to take up leadership and lead your own team. Between a follower and a leader who do you think earn more? Of course a leader is more valuable and command more income.

So become a leader fast!

These are some of the Network Marketing business success strategies. These may seem basic but are of great importance. It is the difference between a normal and Alpha network marketer.

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