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Monday, January 1, 2018

Google Adsense Alternatives to Monetize Your Blog or Website

Got Banned by Adsense ? Searching for adsense alternatives  ? Don’t working below are the best ad networks to monetize your blog or website
Google AdSense, a popular ad revenue network for bloggers and website owners and the most used source for monetizing websites/blogs. Leaving the approval of account and terms and conditions, you know by joining this program you have to a lot some space to the Adsense on your website, so that they can place ads related to your niche and blog content and provide online reports tracking your clicks,impressions and revenue generated.

So how does it work? Well the Google Adsense Network shows the adverts as said earlier based on the content and geographical location of the website or the user cookies. The publisher earns money based on per-impression or a per-click basis i’e CPM and CPC which also varies based on the location, keyword and user. When you place the code by choosing ad length, size and type of ad, Google conducts a real time auction where the advertisers, who pay more, get more visibility, and when the use clicks on those ads, you will be credited in your adsense account as per the share.
AdSense is the ideal forum for small websites which do not have the resources to develop detailed advertising sales programs. The process is as basic as placing an HTML code on the website’s page. The best part of the package is that only three ads can be placed on one page hence ensuring that the website is content with ads rather than ads with content!

best adsense alternatives

AdSense also gives you the opportunity to maximize your revenue by simply giving your readers that little impetus to click on the ad. However, AdSense prohibits you from using phrases that directly ask readers to click on the ad. When a visitor comes to your website searching some keyword, and if he finds information or need more, these ads automatically attracts the visitors and they will click on them, so no need to use negative ways which may harm your account. Be patient and Use the ad units near or inside content. The success in adsense depends on traffic, the best ad sizes you choose and the placement.

On the whole, AdSense is definitely a novel business model that benefits the owner of the website, the advertising establishment and of course Google. All this, just a click away!

However, all is not smooth in AdSense land. Lately AdSense has surfaced a couple of problems like users accounts being disabled, publishers being denied enrolment to the program and Google’s strict terms and conditions. There are alternatives, thankfully, that serve the same purpose as AdSense. The top adsense alternatives are as under:


Infolinks processes your page’ content and looks for good keywords from the already present text. Once such keywords are identified, these are transformed into advertizing links. When the page surfer brings his/her mouse cursor over the text, a box opens. This box is nothing but an advertisement, and if this advertisement is clicked upon, the publisher gets some money! The best part about Infolinks is that it can be used to add to the inflows of cash you are already getting from an advertising program. What’s more, you can even have text links making money from AdBrite and Infolinks, which means that you get double the benefit without any serious incremental effort.
Infolinks is counted among the best in-text advertizing options in the online advertising industry. Their payouts are pretty good as well. If you happen to have an under-construction website, Infolinks could be a pretty good option as it will parse the page and give you loads of links. There is hardly anything interrupting the readers with Infolinks, so the chances that users click on the ads are higher. This way, your earning opportunities are better with Infolinks. Among the latest features added by Infolinks, the Search Widget deserves a special mention. This widget appears for those visitors who head to your Infolinks activated website through a search engine result. These visitors are then shown relevant ads, thus enticing them into clicking and letting you earn something.


Chitika brings in a fresh perspective to monetizing your websites by providing you a system using which you can make the existing advertising more effective as well as earn some additional dollars using Chitika’s active boxes that showcase products from different manufacturers. If people see these products and purchase them, you earn yourself a decent commission.
This was how Chitika made its entry into the Internet earning playground. Now, it has flourished into a wholesome advertiser service. Chitika’s search traffic oriented ads are perfect additions to a webpage already using, say, Clicksor’s contextual ads. Thus, the chance that a visitor clicks on the ads is highly improved.

Now, Chitika uses a ‘Click Prediction’ technology because of which ads get featured when the chances of them being clicked upon are high. If you are focusing on online buyers, Chitika is a special option for you. Several advertisers are earning decent daily incomes from Chitika. If you end up on a webpage that has Chitika’s ads, then you will be shown ads according to your search query that landed you on the concerned website in the first place.

You can choose to see alternate ads, such as those from AdSense, or even choose to see nothing by collapsing the ad away. Recently, Chitika implemented a system under which ads can be shown differently if the content is being viewed on a mobile device. Payments are done in increments of $10 via PayPal, and $50 through check.


‘Free design’ undoubtedly sets Bidvertiser apart from the usual lot, catapulting it high in the list of top Google AdSense alternatives. You get all the control as regards the look and dimensions of your textual ads. Although there are always doubts about advertisers pulling themselves back from the Free Design ads, the fact that all standard ad formats are provided with Bidvertiser ensures that this remains a decent getaway if you happen to be at sixes and sevens with AdSense. Pop-under ads are supported with Bidvertiser, as are XML feeds. The recently introduced features of Conversion Bonus and Revenue Generating Toolbar have added some extra zing to the working of Bidvertiser and its worthiness as a Google AdSense alternative.

Under the conversion bonus, Bidvertiser pays additionally to the publishers if the clicks turn into useful leads. This is supplementary to the traditional COC payment system. For publishers doing a good job, the conversion bonus could soon become more than the CPC earnings. The Revenue Generating Toolbar adds some more punch to Bidvertiser’s services as you can customize the same and distribute it to your website visitors. Whenever your visitors use the Revenue Generating Toolbar for searching anything, you earn money! The toolbar itself is open to a lot of customizations such as addition of home page links and different logos.

Payments from Bidvertiser are made in increments of $100 through check and $10 via PayPal, plus, there are no tax or social security number information issues.


Clicksor is a contextual program which allows blog or website owners to raise money by placing advertiser ads in their content. Clicksor offers many different ways of advertising which include inline text links, banner ads, and more.

The brand of advertising offered by Clicksor is slightly different from the rest of them available in the market. Instead of a show an Ad block with a product description and a text ad, inline text links are brought together with your content. Advertisers can focus on the main words from across the spectrum of the network and place a variety of ads like text banners, graphic banners, pop unders etc. However the trademark product of Clicksor is their inline text links.

The advantages of using Clicksor are manifold. For starters you get the requisite traffic at far less a price than what you pay for with pay-per-click advertising. The inline texts offered by Clicksor can be used by adding the requisite keywords you want to focus on. But it’s advisable to keep the main focus words down to a bare minimum because anything in excess of that won’t get the requisite traffic. The keywords also should be specific to the ad as ambiguity may lead to a loss in revenue and thus it is advised to be very careful while picking the focus words.

The bad things about Clicksor is that you have to target sitewide rather than by page like Google Adsense. Before you choose to invest in Clicksor, you’ll need to work out a shot of the gun approach and have a sizeable amount set aside to test the worth of the network. However, a note of caution is necessary at this juncture as most of the user reviews have mostly been negative. There also have been reports of it messing up Anti Virus softwares, hence due caution should be exercised. The reported click through rates and earnings have also been poor.

All in all a decent program in case you are looking for an alternative to AdSense but the necessary precautions have to be adhered to before you use it extensively.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits , a ad networking service from Intango is very unique and high profitable advertising network for publishers in some niches as its based on Cost Per Action rather than general CPC or CPM ad networks. So , if have some good traffic , then never look for CPC , where you get few cents per click, try Revenue Hits  you can see a growth in your income through your website or Blog.
Revenue Hits the one of the best adsense alternative pays through Paypal or Payoneer when your balance reaches the minimum threshold limit and pays on NET 30 basis.
Ad Types Offered By Revenue Hits :
  • Banner ads
  • Pop-Under ads
  • Sliders
  • Top and Footer Style ads
  • and Interstitial ads.
Try for a month and i bet you get best results depending on your traffic and niche.


Intellilinks is not too different from Infolinks. The idea here is to place several text links on a network of several web pages and websites so that the rank and revenue get improved for the advertisers and publishers. You can easily sell text links on your websites following the simple process laid down by Intellilinks. All you need to monetize your blog with Intellilinks is to install a plugin! You get to decide as to which links get published on your website.

There is an automatic approval method of having ads on your pages as well. There isn’t anything you need to pay to hop on the Intellilinks bandwagon, so there’s all the more reason for you to give it a shot with Intellilinks. Payments are made on a monthly basis and revenues are shared 50:50. There isn’t any minimum payout requirement to be fulfilled, so there is a high probability that you will have something coming into your pocket at the end of the first month you have with Intellilinks.

Beyond these there are also many ad networks for publishers , but their requirement of traffic is very high, some of them are given below.

Top Adsense Alternatives :

  • Amazon Associates
  • Buy Sell Ads
  • Kontera
  • Revcontent
  • Tribal Fusion
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Best Google Adsense Alternatives : Website Monetization in 2018